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Taddeo shorts - Gray

128 ₪
This brilliant item is sure to be your new favorite for years to come !
Short designed gray sport pants limited edition by Taddeo.
This pants has two hidden side pockets
Perfect for indoor and outdoor workouts, also for every day/night use.
Flattering cut, high quality leather-like finishing and a compliments catcher.
Send us your selfie with this design :-)

מכנס אימון קצר . צבע אפור
משקל בד ראשי: 280גרם, הרכב בד: 100% פוליאסטר. .
מתאים לבית, ספורט ויציאה
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The local hunks shop here! Hot Israeli sportswear/swimwear brand with ego boosting products in colorful items.
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