Our designs feature a variety of flattering cuts and pampering fabrics, with them you will standout every night or every party

Taddeo Fashion pink shorts

128 ₪
This brilliant item is sure to be your new favorite for years to come!
Short Jeans designed black Fashion Pants limited edition by Taddeo.
Very elastic and comfort
Perfect for indoor and outdoor, also for every day/night use.
Flattering cut, high-quality and a compliments catcher.
Send us your selfie with this design :-)

מכנס אופנה קצר . צבע שחור
ג'ינס אלסטי עם הדפס
משקל בד ראשי: 280גרם, הרכב בד:80% כותנה 20% פוליאסטר. .

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