Young and vibrant colours and patterns with the ability to make your dream a reality

Taddeo Brazlian Swimwear

170 ₪
Are you ready to have some fun with Taddeo bathing suit collection ?
Taddeo is famous for his biggest variety of men's swimwear in all Israel.
You can show off a lot of skin on the beach and get the perfect tan.

You don't have to show your friends and followers the same swimwear all summer long. now you can choose more patterns, colors and cuts.

The diference between them is the length at the side of the swimwear:
7cm | 13cm | 18cm | square boxer

Taddeo - a brand you can trust !

Don't forget to send us you best photos with this amazing choice of item :-)

במותג תדאו תמצא את המגוון הכי רחב של בגדי ים לגברים בארץ
עם מבחר כזה - לא תצטרך יותר להצטלם עם אותו בגד ים לאורך כל הקיץ.

גזרות בגדי הים הצמודים: 7סמ, 13סמ, 18סמ ובוקסר

אל תשכח לשלוח לנו את התמונות שלך בבגד הים של תדאו
Choose your size:

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The local hunks shop here! Hot Israeli sportswear/swimwear brand with ego boosting products in colorful items.
More than 5000 items and all in a single candy like shop.
Do you Like to explore? You're going to love Taddeo!

Dizengoff 202, Tel aviv. Israel
Call us now +972-55-896-1155

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